Tooth-Colored Fillings

Smile Wide without embarrassment.  Many people are afraid to smile too wide or even at all.  If you have had cavities filled with amalgam, you know this feeling all too well. While amalgam, or metal-based, fillings do a great job of filling cavities, they may also weaken the tooth structurally and leave us with a glaring metallic reminder in our mouths. Dental Arts of Logan Square provides tooth colored fillings for both new cavities and also to replace old amalgam fillings that are breaking down. Composite, or tooth-colored fillings are one such advance that can improve the quality of your smile.Tooth Colored Filling DALS

Easy Application.  Composite fillings do the same job as amalgam fillings. They are used to fill cavities in order to prevent further decay and restore proper shape and function to the tooth. Instead of metal alloys, however, composite fillings are typically made of microscopic glass fibers in an resin base. During the procedure, the decay is removed and the area is cleaned. The tooth must then be kept free of saliva as we apply an adhesive and then layers of the composite material. Once the cavity is filled, we use a special light to cure, or harden, the material into place. This procedure takes a little longer than amalgam restorations because the technique has more steps to do them well.

When you are done, however, you have a natural-looking tooth instead of a metallic filling, which can help improve confidence in your smile. This is of particular importance when you have a cavity near the front of your mouth, where an amalgam filling would be much more noticeable.Invisible Filling - DALS